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Wood Street Gallery

Solo show

Through a variety of media, such as interactive installation, generative compositions, motorization and prints, the exhibition plunges the visitor into an analysis of their point of view.

Installed on the two gallery floors, this solo show features six different works that use light, video, perspective illusions and tracking : Error, Frame of Reference (Triptych), In between,you, Binary Clash, Reloading the Real and Equilibrium.

The works offer viewers to experience new associations and ideas with an aim to encourage critical parallel thinking on topics as diverse as time, identity, and control in our networked culture.

Wood Street Galleries

Pittsburgh - 2022 April - June


Credits & Info

Curator: Murray Phillip Horne

Special thanks to Lucas Paris, Hugo Daoust, Pierre Fournier

and all the WSG team.

This exhibition received the support of the

CALQ (Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec).

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