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In between, you.

The development of attention as a currency has extremely characterized every aspect of our social and cultural interaction with the digital world. “In between, you” examines the impact of connected devices and the liminal state of surveillance present in our networked culture. 
It consists of two similar rectangular elements installed on opposite sides of a room, one is a modified LCD screen and on the other side, its reflective copy.
When we’re in between the two of them we can see the real mirrored reflection of ourselves and our hidden digital image on the screen behind; but the full visibility of our virtual image becomes almost unattainable because it’s obliterated by our presence.

The installation wants to destabilize the concept of the presence of our digital and physical world by relating an everyday device, a screen, and one of the more direct forms of projection of reality, a mirror. By doing so, this relation questions the real nature of what we see and perceive and the inexistent control we have upon our digital existence.

Modified Lcd screen, Glass, Steel, Plywood, Pmma, Electronics


2xcase - 44x36x3 cm

Wood Street Gallery - Solo show - Pittsburgh, US - 2022

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