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Error is an interactive installation that deprives the visitors of the importance of their presence in relation to the work. 

The piece is created following the rules of color subtraction, it is composed of a rounded red filter and a projected blue and red gradient that reacts to the position of the person who is passing by and/or approaching.

When looking through the red filter only the red light is seen and when someone moves closer to it, the light will gradually change to blue, making the overall composition invisible to the naked eye.

This work reevaluates the rules of interactivity, both in our digital networks and in the culture of new media installations. It plays critically with the concept of reward-driven systems, aiming for once to introduce a negative reaction to engagement by the disappearance of part of the graphic content: a reaction of invisibility stemming from the onlooker engagement. 

Once the interaction is understood, there’s no reward to it but just a blank canvas.

Pmma, Light projection, IR camera, generative software, pc


100 ⌀ cm (variable) 

Wood Street Gallery - Solo show - Pittsburgh, US - 2022

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