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Reloading the Real

Reloading the Real takes as its starting point the psychology of waiting by appropriating the common Internet vernacular of the “loading state.”

These are the symbols that we find when we refresh our feeds, open an image, or load a new website. The work exists in two main forms: as a lenticular print series and in-situ installation.


The first iteration is composed of a set of three lenticular prints, that picture commonplace loading graphics found on the Internet.

The lenticular sheet animates the loading signs as viewers move parallel to the prints. The work plays with the omnipresence of these digital signs, by translating them into a tangible medium, that allows them to be “read” through the movements of the viewer.

The in-situ adaptation relies on site-specificity and works with interstitial spaces of urban landscapes. Printed on frosted vinyl, rather than lenticular prints, the symbols are applied directly to glass surfaces and placed strategically in passages between buildings, glass dividers, shop windows, and “faux” windows used in commercial architectural sites such as malls or office towers.

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Prints: Lenticular sheet

In-situ installation: Vinyl


Print :  Variable

In-situ installation: Variable