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"A good portrait ought to tell something of the subject's past and suggest something of his future"

 Bill Brandt

 «Who » is a collection of portraits sculptures and a generative audiovisual installation.

Each sculpture consists of the imprint of a 3D scan of the different subjects. The silhouettes represented are nearly unrecognizable at close look, while details and  features are better perceived from farther distance.


An algorithm is created to analyze each portrait and extracts tempo and note values from it, following  the structure of the face. These notes, played in a continuous flow that never repeats itself, are assigned to customized voice instruments.  

This simultaneously melodious and noisy flow activates a series of light variations that are projected on top of the sculpture, revealing fragments of the face.


A project by Cinzia Campolese 

Software development : Francisco Rafart

Project management : Shape & Robot Festival


Pmma mirror sculpture, Mono Speaker, Light projection, Generative software, pc

35x20x10cm ( variable )

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