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Lost Intersections


About the series:


Specular series is a project that presents a set of audio-visual installations of different light sculptures created through the use of projected light and reflective materials. 
Each sculpture redirects light in a different way and the reflective property of the material allows each sculpture to blend with its environment while also modifying our perception of its shape. 

Networks of algorithms generate interlinked sound and light.
A cycle repeats but with infinite variations in multi-temporal-scales.

The piece aims to represent a constant search for perfection; a quest that is here simultaneously emphasized and disrupted by the subtle differences seeping through the repetition of each sequence. 

Through this process, the seemingly strict uniform nature of the composition is infused back with a dynamic sense of reality.​

Lost Intersections

The installation combines a set of convex surfaces placed on the floor, side by side, in the center of the space. 
The reflected light rays diverge following the geometry of the surface and the generated reflections merges together creating a series light intersections.


2 Convex reflective surfaces, Sound, Double light projection, Generative software, pc  

2x60 ⌀ cm


A project by Cinzia Campolese 

Sound : Lucas Paris 

Nomination winner - Immersive Experience Individual Award - MANA prize

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