“It is a misunderstanding that cameras are tools of representation; they are at present tools of disappearance. The more people are represented the less is left of them in reality”

Hito Steyerl - The Wretched of the Screen

“Idle” refers to the inactive state that is often used for a piece of software or hardware when useful or meaningful messages are not being transmitted.  A term that, at the same time, shares the same phonetic imprint of the word used for a person or a thing that is greatly admired, loved or revered, “Idol”.
The work exists in two forms: as a website and a physical installation. 
Both website and the installation propose the same graphical interface of Instagram’s stories section, with a blurred filter applied to the camera feed.

On the website, users can share photos and videos that are then loaded back to the fake app interface. The installation is composed of a lcd screen with a camera at the bottom, that acts as a useless photobooth. The camera feed is constantly showing a blurred point of view of the space and if someone is in front of the screen, it generates a photo that is then integrated into the looping app feed.




 32”LCD screen, Camera, software, pc

Credits & Info

Research funded  with the support of the CALQ