Audiovisual installation

Presented at  - Collegio VenturoliGipsoteca | RoBOt Festival | 6-10 October 2015 | Bologna, Italy

winner of the call4roBOt2015 price 

« Continuum » represents the coexistence of duality. 

The combination of the “two” creates a unique entity that reveals itself as a continuous representation within space. 

The installation creates an environment where light is detected as a constant representation in space. The elements of projection touch and traverse the reflective panel, creating opposite aspects of two types of evolutions within the continuum.


Description : 2way mirror panel (2mx1m) , Sound , Dual light projection

A project by Cinzia Campolese 

Sound : Rupert Rose​ (aka Trespur)

Instagram post | Set up - roBOt Festival 2015

Cinzia Campolese  | Light sounds & signs

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