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"Confinement.Lands is a striking journey around the world reconfigured by the pandemic. The photogrammetries that people of all ages and on every continent have made available are as bizarre as they are touching, as astonishing as they are intimate. The way Cinzia Campolese compiled the extremely diverse range of spaces and situations in which people around the world experience the confinement creates a fascinating cartography and ultimately even a new sense of community within the isolation."

(Anna Lena Seiser - Goethe Institut)

Confinement.lands is a project that started during the first confinement period in 2020. It consists of a corpus of works, including a video piece and a website.

The video piece includes recordings of photogrammetries taken during the same period from a web platform (Display land), that depict confined houses, places, and people all over the world.

In conjunction with this collection, in the same period, I launched a call to participate via  social media during April 2020, through which I’ve asked other people to send me their 3dscans by using an application that allows them to generate 3D captures of their confined spaces using the camera of a smartphone. With this collection, a web platform has been created to form an online environment filled with different sculptures that are only available to visit from a specific webpage.

Each sculpture integrates a different selection of recordings taken from different countries and proposes different narratives that are available to the visitor to explore.

The piece aims to propose an outlook towards the reappropriation of intimate spaces and the disappearance of the role of urbanism, replacing it fully with a virtual one. The shutdown of a big part of our capitalistic machine has created an empty meaning in our constructed public spaces, neighborhoods, streets, and playgrounds and has put the focus on the important concepts of our already damaged social structure: from the notion of time and hysterical mass consumption and production to the ultimate expansion of our social-economical inequalities.


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