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The Confinement.lands project started during the first lockdown in 2020. It consists of a series of works, including a video and a website, that explore different notions of social connections and how private, public, and virtual spaces are repossessed.

The video includes recordings of photogrammetries collected during the same period via the online platform Display land, depicting houses, places, and people in lockdown across the world. Display land no longer exists. The only traces left are those recorded by the users, that Cinzia Campolese has incorporated in her art installation. 

Sharing an authentic moment in life via an app, candidly and unfiltered, was a way for many users to connect with others during a time of extreme isolation. During this time, while shutting down major parts of the capitalist system, the pandemic also highlighted stark realities of the crippled social fabric. In private and public spaces, our neighbourhoods, our streets, and our playgrounds, a lack of sense came to light. The video installation combines testimonies left on Display land, offering a perspective on this period where each person was able to repossess private spaces through a virtual environment. 

In conjunction with this collection the artist launched a call to participate on social media in April 2020, asking anyone interested to send her 3D scans of their daily life via the same app. This new compilation is available on an online platform, where different ​‘lands’ floating in an empty space can be seen. Each ​‘land’ is made of fragments of private and public spaces – fragments of life at standstill. 

Those who visit this virtual and interactive platform are invited on a treasure hunt by Cinzia Campolese: a videogame-like investigation, where one confronts the absurdity of a real-life moment in a virtual void. All of which could be interpreted as a symbol of the confused state, the struggles, and the losses encapsulated in the pandemic period which we’ve been living in since 2020.



Luxemburg - 2021

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Credits & Info

  • Single-channel video - 30 minutes

  • Website: Web development by Max Steinbuilt with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts


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